Rumor: Ferrari Brewing Limited-Run 812 Superfast Variants

One is reported to be a hardcore variant with neither windshield nor roof.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is rumored to be getting as many as three limited-edition variants, one of which may reportedly debut as soon as September 13.

Multiple users of Ferrari owners’ forum Ferrari Chat claim to have inside information on the vehicles. One specifically claims there to be three 812 Superfast-based supercars on their way: an 812 Aperta with a removable Targa roof panel, a “hardcore” 812 Monza, and a speedster-like 812 with a minute windshield and no roof.

Though the general consensus is that the 812 Aperta is indeed on the way, various users make differing claims of the latter two 812 variants. One says the 812 Monza is, in fact, the speedster-bodied variant, and that 200 are to be sold to clients predetermined by Maranello. Another states that the 812 Monza will pay homage to the 250 Testa Rossa and its “pontoon” fenders, as seen below.

Sfoskett, Wikimedia Commons

This secretive vehicle reportedly carries the internal designation “F176,” and will have a private launch at its Maranello factory, though the specific date is argued by multiple users—one claims the 13th, another the 17th and yet another the 18th. The person that alleges the 812 Monza to be the speedster also claims that the more hardcore 812 variant will arrive later, but attaches no name to the vehicle—others believe it will be called the 812 MM, short for “Mille Miglia.”

Pricing for the 812 Monza is also contested. Different individuals spout prices ranging from about $800,000 to $2.5 million. If the claim that buyers have already been selected is accurate, odds are someone out there already knows and has booked their business-class airline tickets to Italy.