New Morgan Three-Wheeler Configurator Is Like the Best Free Video Game

Show us your wildest three-wheeled creations.

We thought we had found the internet’s best car configurator with Genesis’ Forzavista-like online tool. However, it appears tiny British boutique automaker Morgan, of all companies, has one that gives the luxury Korean conglomerate’s a run for its choose-your-paint money. Specifically, Morgan’s online configurator that lets you customize its recently revealed and supremely cool Super 3 three-wheeler

Said to be powered by “gaming technology,” Morgan’s site gives you the power to spec your Super 3 exactly how you want it. Body color, side blade color and graphics, glossy or matte paint, wheel color, cowl color, the color of the structural casting at the front—it’s all customizable and reflected on your 3D Super 3 in real-time. You can even print custom call signs on the side, choose whether you’d like a color Union Jack badge, a monochrome one, or none at all. Upholstery color, stitching, steering wheels, and interior trim are all configurable as well, of course. And you can even see how your specific tonneau cover would look draped over the cabin.

Screencap: Morgan Configurator

It’s all very detailed and bringing it together is a 3D car model that truly is video game-like. You can spin your Super 3 around and look above it from pretty much any angle, while the lighting is reflected off of the bodywork very realistically—exactly the sort of thing “ray-tracing,” video gaming’s latest hot buzzword, aims to emulate. The motion blur that accompanies the movement here also really makes you feel like you’re actually spinning a Morgan around.

Also, how hilariously British is it that the configurator so graciously lets you select a language at the beginning: English or bust.

English it is, then., Screencap: Morgan Configurator

Anywho, you can find the configurator here. Feel free to throw screenshots of your best/most ridiculous creations down in the comments.

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