Morgan Super 3 Arrives In the US as a Classier Polaris Slingshot

The American Morgan looks a bit different than the British version, but it's still the same fun.

British automaker Morgan has re-entered the U.S. Market for the first time since 2019 with its new Super 3 inverted trike. On account of having three wheels, the Super 3 was homologated into the U.S. market as a motorcycle, which means a few minor changes to the machine had to be made. The introduction of the latest three-wheeled Morgan stateside marks the first time the brand has sold a car in America since it stopped selling the old three-wheeler here in 2019.

Think of the Super 3 as a classier Polaris Slingshot. It’s powered by a 1.5-liter Ford engine which sends power to the single rear wheel through a Mazda five-speed manual transmission. Thanks to its scant bodywork and small footprint, it weighs just 1,400 pounds dry, which is not much for its 117-horsepower three-cylinder to haul around.

Since it was homologated as a motorcycle in the U.S., you’re gonna have to wear a helmet inside if you want to ride around it in, at least in most states. The same applies to licensing requirements, which will vary depending on state or local laws. Small changes like the position of the headlights also had to be made, as well as alterations to the taillights and indicators. This makes the car look decidedly different from its British counterpart, which has more car-like outboard headlamps.

Morgan doesn’t sell either of its four-wheeled cars, the Plus Four and Plus Six, in America as of writing. That being said, the company does say it’s “working through the approvals process to bring Plus Four to the region,” the Plus Four being a small, classic-bodied roadster powered by a roughly 250 horsepower BMW four-cylinder engine. It has a six-speed manual transmission, naturally.

A Morgan Plus Four. Morgan

It offered no timeline for when four-wheeled Morgans might be available in the U.S., however, the Super 3 can be seen, test-driven, and ordered at many of the company’s authorized dealers right now. You can actually configure one right now and then have mild sticker shock when you realize it’ll take at least $53,937 to bring one of these home.

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