What’s the Best Online Car Configurator?

That thing that you’ve wasted hours on since you were a child—what’s the best one you’ve come across?

byChris Tsui|
What’s the Best Online Car Configurator?

Even before the global pandemic forced much of our lives online, the internet car configurator was a pretty key aspect of the car-buying process. Without having to step foot in a dealership, buyers could visualize how a certain shade of leather would look with their ideal exterior color and, of course, how much they'd expect to pay for it. They also provided hours of entertainment for car-obsessed nerds like us with little to no intention of actually buying the car on the screen.

Whether you actually have plans to go car-shopping this long Independence Day weekend or are just looking for another way to kill time in quarantine (we're all still doing that, right?), what's the best online car configurator you've come across?

Sure, the build-and-price tools provided by makes like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin are quite good and feature cars that scratch the "this is what I'd drive after winning the lottery" itch, but given the prices those guys like to charge, top-shelf sales software is already expected. 


Instead, we'd implore you to check out the seriously-cool car builder on the Genesis website. Cosmetic changes are promptly and noticeably reflected just like any other configurator worth its salt, but what sets Genesis' system apart is its 3D preview mode that puts most video games to shame. It lets you smoothly pan around the car in pretty much any direction, open and close individual doors, turn on lights, pop the trunk, and even turn on the damn windshield wipers. You can see what the interior looks like from the front seat versus the back, roll each window down one-by-one, and open the virtual glove box. 

It's the car configurator equivalent of 4D chess while most everybody else out there is still messing around with checkers. It's just a shame Genesis makes so few cars to play with, in the first place. 

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