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Honda Already Made a Better Carbon Fiber Wing for the New Civic Type R

The official accessory catalog in Japan for the new Honda Civic Type R includes a $2,000 rear wing.
2023 honda civic type r carbon fiber rear wing accessory official

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R hasn’t yet reached dealers, and Honda’s already going heavy on official accessories.

Easily the most alluring of them is a handmade carbon fiber rear wing, which weighs one kilogram (2.2 pounds) less than the stock wing and generates more downforce according to Carscoops. Sounds like it should be an option in the Type R’s configurator when it goes live, rather than an obscure upgrade buried in Honda Japan’s accessories catalog. Then again, for such a small upgrade at a price equivalent to $1,925, it’s hard to imagine that many takers.

More carbon fiber parts are available, but they’re so small that they likely convey no performance benefit—only aesthetic. There are carbon fiber interior door panels and one that surrounds the shifter in the center console. Their real value is probably inflating your car’s Bring A Trailer value 30 years down the road, ideally paired with the red leather-wrapped black anodized aluminum shift knob.

There’s more such as oddities popular in Japan like “door visor” wind deflectors and even a “Euro horn” that sounds like a horn, but different. Of greater potential interest to future U.S. Type R owners may be the likes of the red floor mats, which probably go well with the available footwell and under-seat illumination. And while you’re at it, Type R-branded LED door sill garnishes, and Type R puddle lamps. Gotta make sure everyone knows you’re not just driving a Civic Si with a monster wing, yeah?

Red mirror caps also are available, while lighting can find its way into places such as the cupholders and door pockets. Why Honda hid the wireless phone charger in the accessories catalog instead of including it on the base car (or in the options list—TBA for the U.S.) is beyond me, but it’s not something every owner will be able to install themselves. By the looks of things, none will, as the lack of an “add to cart” button on the accessory site suggests these are to be installed at dealers only. In other words, good luck getting your hands on any of them, unless of course, you’ve got a friend overseas that can visit the showroom for you.

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