All Ford Mustang Colors Now Come in Matte With Factory Clear Wrap

The matte wrap also doubles as paint protection film.

Matte factory colors aren’t anything new, especially for sports cars. However, most brands limit their matte color options to just one or two. If you want a more interesting matte color, you typically have to look into aftermarket wraps or paint. Unless you’re buying a new Mustang, because Ford will soon offer a clear film wrap for all Mustang coupes and convertibles that’ll take the shine right out.

The $5,995 “Matte Clear Film” option can be applied to any Mustang color, which gives it a matte finish and also acts as a paint protection film. According to Ford, it will hold up to harsh detergents, hand washing, touchless car washes, bird droppings, road salt, and even asphalt residue. The most important part, though, is its warranty. The wrap is included in the Mustang’s standard three-year, 36,000-mile warranty, which could make it far more attractive for many buyers than taking their new car to a detailer to have it wrapped.

Mustang coupe customers can order the wrap starting on February 27, but it won’t be available for convertibles until later this year. All hardtop trims—Ecoboost, GT, and Dark Horse—can be optioned matte, but there are some package limitations. Dark Horse customers who choose the matte wrap will lose the car’s standard hood accent stripe and the painted racing stripe option. It’s also not available in combination with the GT California Special kit or the optional graphics on the Ecoboost and GT.

Ford didn’t say whether existing customers will be able to get this matte film applied to their cars at the dealer, nor did it say if new customers with the matte wrap can have it removed by the dealer later on if they no longer like the look.

This is a good idea, and it’s a wonder why more automakers don’t offer it. Not only is it an easy way to get a matte finish on any factory color, but it adds paint protection and is covered under the original warranty. Depending on which Mustang model you choose, there are already up to 11 different color choices. With a factory matte option, that list effectively doubles.

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