34-Mile Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Might Be the Freshest Fox Body in the World

It hasn't been driven since it left the dealership in 1993.

There might not be a cleaner Fox body Mustang than this 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra anywhere on the planet, with only 34 miles on the odometer. It still has plastic seat covers, plastic on the carpets, all of its original documents, and a Monroney on the window. Speaking of Monroney, the original sticker price of this Fox body Cobra was $21,223. Now, Marshall Goldman in Cleveland, Ohio is asking $145,900 for it, almost seven times as much as it originally sold for.

The Fox body Mustang SVT Cobra was an interesting car because in 1993, the regular Mustang GT 5.0 was detuned to 205 horsepower, down from its 225 hp. However, for the SVT Cobra, Ford bumped its power back up to 235 horses. So while it was more powerful than the standard Mustang, it didn’t have much on the late-’80s Mustang GT 5.0s.

However, Ford’s SVT team did upgrade the Cobra’s suspension and brakes, to make it handle better than the Mustang GT. It had four-wheel discs, upgraded shocks, new springs that were actually slightly softer than the GT’s, 17-inch wheels with lower-profile Goodyear ZR45 tires, beefier anti-roll bars, and stiffer bushings. All of that made the Cobra sharper and more fun than the GT.

This specific Cobra has leather seats, a four-way power driver’s seat, and even air conditioning. It also hasn’t been driven since it left the dealer. Instead, it sat in storage for 31 years—seemingly in a humidity-controlled, air-tight vault—and it shows, as it still looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. The only thing that isn’t factory original is the battery. Although, I wonder how those tires have held up over three decades of sitting, even in a low-humidity environment.

If you’re a Fox body aficionado, there might not be a more desirable car than this one. It isn’t a Mustang SVT Cobra R, which is the hottest of all Cobras, but it’s certainly one of the most well-preserved Foxes still in existence. Its asking price is also higher than that of the record-breaking Cobra R that sold at auction in 2019. The only question that remains is: will its next owner finally peel off the plastic and send it?

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