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Vintage Ford Bronco Body on a 2024 Bronco Chassis Looks Pretty Weird

Relive your dream past, but only if you've got a quarter-mil in your pocket.
Vintage Broncos, edited

No one wants to give up on something they love. But things change; life happens. So, you either try to make it work, or nothing works and you have to let go. But what if you really wanted that first-generation Ford Bronco? What’d you think I was talking about? Pogs? Tamagotchi? Surge? My ex? Pfft.

Nah, fam, I’m talking about old Broncos. First-gen ones, which were built from 1966 to 1977, were rad and still are. Even though Ford brought the Bronco back and styled it after the OG GOAT, I still don’t want a new one. Not even the Heritage Edition. There’s too much tech and beeps and chimes in a modern car, and I’m way more basic than that. Not saying I want roll-up windows but the look of it is cool. And as the saying goes, there’s an app for that. Or, in this case, a shop for that.

Established in 2018, Vintage Broncos specializes in high-end restorations of first-generation Broncos. Initially focusing on frame-on restorations, a less labor-intensive cosmetic refresh that may or may not involve new parts, the Atlanta-area company now solely works on hand-built modernizations. You can select from existing inventory or have your dream build crafted from scratch.

Vintage Broncos offers four different models, which start at $169,000. It wasn’t immediately clear if that price is still valid, includes the vehicle, or is just parts and labor. But it’s big money regardless. The company’s website has been redesigned but thanks to the Wayback Machine, the archived FAQ page from 2023 gives us an idea of what to expect. 

Available Bronco builds include a two-door variant with either a 5.0-liter Coyote V8, 2.3-liter Ecoboost, or an all-electric powertrain. There’s also a 4-door Bronco option that seats six. From here, the level of customization is up to you. Color, drivetrain, body style, trims, everything.

A previous inventory list showed vehicles priced from $219,500 to $349,500. If you’re thinking this is way too many dollars for an old SUV with a new paint job, think again.

Florida-based Velocity Restorations has a 1970 restomod Bronco going for nearly $300,000.

So, no, this first-gen Bronco dream isn’t a cheap one. According to Hagerty, first-gen Bronco prices range from a low of five grand (yay) to $650,000 (yeesh). The happy medium is around $50,000 for a good-conditioned example, and prices have remained stable year-over-year.

Vintage Broncos has a following among the rich and famous. It’s sold vehicles to LeBron James, Mark Wahlberg, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few. The final builds do look great, even if there’s a slight quirkiness to them, particularly the convertible tops. The front and rear fascias are definitely first-gen, but the square-peg dimensions paired with the removable cover give the Bronco a Micro Machines look. 

As for tech, you get all the necessary safety features like six airbags and traction control but no overly sensitive nanny sensors. And that roll-up window? Ha! The handle is actually a switch for the power windows. Best of both worlds, eh? Before delivery, VIntage Broncos does a thorough inspection, including a 400-mile break-in. After that, you can have routine maintenance done at a local Ford dealership, but warranty claims have to go through Vintage Broncos. And with the proper upgrades, of course, you can daily your new handcrafted new-old Bronco. I would. I’m not letting a six-figure SUV just sit in the driveway as a trophy to the money I no longer have. What a nightmare.

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