Many Trucks Died So the Super-Stretched Ford Bronco Could Live

Part F-350, part F-150, and part several different Broncos. This thing is a real F-Mashup.

byKristin V. Shaw|
extra-long pickup truck
McBride Motorsports/YouTube


It sounds like a project begun under the influence (of what, I don’t know). What came out of this wild idea was a stretched mashup of five trucks, combining two Ford F-350s, one F-150, and two Broncos. You may ask “Why?” and this owner said, “Why not?”

Apparently, the mad scientist used this truck as a camper and then parked it for about five years before putting it up for sale. The team at McBride Motorsports bought it and posted a video to their YouTube channel to show off the vehicle’s quirks and room for improvement.

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Riding on 40-inch tires and sitting on an eight-inch suspension lift, this vehicle has a winch bumper on the front and seems to still have a set of airbrushed Hulk feet on the back end. Evidently, the builder started with an extended cab up front and conjoined it with a backward four-door cab body and a Bronco rear. The backward section created a set of coach doors in the middle where two bench seats face each other. Can you imagine trying to park this thing?

McBride Motorsports says this monster passed inspection in Virginia back in 2017 when it received a unique VIN. The frame shows it was welded properly with a triangle shape, and the new owner estimates the engine has seen about 140,000 miles since it was rebuilt. In its video, the McBride Motorsports presenter says the gross weight is “like, 13,000 pounds” and that it is “very slow” but may be the perfect candidate for a diesel swap.

It also ain’t pretty inside, folks. The headliner is sketchy, but I didn’t see any major holes or rips in the seats. The McBride team says it plans to work on the interior and exterior in the coming weeks and months. It has potential as an RV or party bus, and I'm curious to see how it turns out.

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