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Suzuki Jimny Transforms Into Tiny Ford Bronco With Help of a Body Kit

Suzuki's featherweight off-roader looks right at home with an American face.
Garage Ill

The Suzuki Jimny is a capable little off-roader with plenty of charm. By virtue of its simple two-box design, though, it’s often modded to mimic other larger vehicles. Now, a customs shop in Japan has developed a body kit to turn the Jimny into a baby Ford Bronco.

As reported by CarBuzz, the reimagined Jimny is the work of Garage Ill, based in Osaka, Japan. The “Bron55” kit is so named for the way it is pronounced in Japanese, which sounds like “Bron-go-go,” similar to the company’s Jet Gogo kits. It’s a faithful interpretation of the modern Bronco design, resized to suit the front end of the contemporary Jimny.

The fact that both models already shared similar layouts and round headlights makes the conversion relatively straightforward. The kit consists of a new grille made in ABS plastic, along with the “Bron55” emblem, and the requisite hardware to attach it to the Jimny’s front end. Bronco-style headlights are also included, along with the necessary turn signals.

Those desiring a more complete conversion can also spec the fiberglass bumper which is a nice visual upgrade over the stock Suzuki design. Finding a set of Bronco-esque wheels is an exercise left to the buyer, but that shouldn’t prove difficult, particularly for Garage Ill’s clientele. The kit costs from 159,500 to 245,000 yen, depending on exact spec, or roughly $1,050 to $1,700. Alternatively, you can order the kit along with a new or used vehicle, and Garage Ill will handle fitment for you.

The modern American design marks a new angle for Garage Ill. Previously, the company has specialized in retro front-end conversions for Daihatsu kei vehicles. It’s a popular trend in Japan right now, and if we’re honest, they look absolutely fantastic.

If you want a more classic Bronco look instead, that’s been done, too. Fellow Japanese customization house DAMD Styling Effect released their vintage-themed “Dronco” kit to great acclaim back in 2020. Fans of more European styling will appreciate the Mercedes G-Wagen lookalike kits made popular by Liberty Walk.

Ultimately, Garage Ill’s work is not destined to appear Stateside anytime soon. The modern Suzuki Jimny simply isn’t available in the U.S., barring weird shenanigans. If you want a baby Bronco that’s definitely not a Bronco, you’ll have to wait to import one in 25 years time, or simply move overseas.

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