New Suzuki Jimny Heritage Edition Packs a 5-Speed Manual and Retro Goodness

A retro-themed livery makes the coolest little off-roader even cooler.

byNico DeMattia|
New Suzuki Jimny Heritage Edition Packs a 5-Speed Manual and Retro Goodness


Suzuki's little Jimny has been around since 1970, providing affordable, simple, and dependable off-road capability to the masses. This latest generation is an adorable, inexpensive off-roader with the looks of a baby Mercedes G-Class and the rugged durability of a Jeep Wrangler and 300 lucky Australian customers are about to get an even cooler version. The Suzuki Jimny Heritage Edition is a new limited-run version that brings retro goodness to an already lovable package.

What separates the 300 Suzuki Jimny Heritage Edition models from the standard Jimnys? A retro-themed livery, which features '70s-inspired red and orange stripes and a "Jimny Heritage" logo, red mud flaps, 15 inch wheels, and a five-speed manual. No automatic option is offered and all Heritage models are four-wheel drive.

All Heritage Edition cars also come pretty similarly equipped. They're only offered in GLX trim and come with quite a bit of standard kit, such as automatic LED headlights, a backup camera, lane departure warning, autonomous emergency braking, a leather steering wheel, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and even an extravagant two-speaker surround sound system.

The only real option for customers to choose from is color, of which there are four: Jungle Green, Medium Gray, Black Pearl, and white. Only the latter of which is standard, all other colors will cost an additional $695 AUD. The starting price of the Heritage Edition is $33,490 AUD ($22,666 USD), which isn't too much more than the $31,990 AUD price of the typical Jimny GLX manual and it does look quite a bit cooler.

Suzuki is only offering the Heritage Edition on the three-door Jimny, as the newly announced five-door models won't hit Australian dealerships until later this year.

It really is easy to love the Jimny for its adorable, shrunken G-Class looks, low starting price, and off-road prowess, and the Heritage Edition is even more appealing. Unfortunately for us Yanks, the Jimny isn't offered in North America, which frustrates many American off-roading enthusiasts. If Suzuki were to sell these in the U.S., I'd be first in line at the dealership. Until then, though, I have to settle for being happy for (and jealous of) our Australian friends.

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