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Ford Will Let You Kit Out Your Bronco Raptor in Carbon Fiber from the Dealer

Lightness costs extra. As in, a lot extra.
Picture this, but with more carbon fiber instead of matte black. Ford

Carbon fiber is pretty much the end-all material for performance cars. It’s light, strong, and depending on who you ask, pretty too. It hasn’t been widely used in off-roaders yet, but that’s about to change fast. That’s because Ford is now offering a carbon fiber bodywork package for the Bronco Raptor, which will easily make it the sharpest-looking SUV in any mall parking lot.

The package recently became available via Ford Performance‘s online store following a similar range of accessories for the F-150 Raptor, and it’s compatible with all 2022-onward Bronco Raptors with the factory tailgate panel. The kit consists of a vented hood, fender vents, fender flares, and said tailgate panel, all of which complement the Bronco Raptor’s interior carbon trim. It’s unclear how much weight these parts save together, but it’s probably not much given the prevalence of aluminum in the Bronco’s body.

Ford Bronco Raptor carbon fiber bodywork from Ford Performance
The exterior panels and trim pieces Ford now sells in carbon fiber for the Bronco Raptor. Ford Performance

The set is available in both gloss and matte finishes, and comes with all fasteners and materials necessary for installation. If you don’t want the entire kit for any reason—say, you already have custom fenders for bigger tires—then individual pieces are available a la carte. That may also be how you want to get them if you don’t have the monumental $13,295 that the full set costs up front.

Of course, if weight matters more than anything, you can always strip out your interior and ditch some bodywork entirely. That’s the cheapest solution, and it’ll even recoup you some money if you sell those parts off. But nothing looks quite like carbon fiber, and down the line, Broncos with these parts will probably be worth a little more. Just saying.

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