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This 1992 Ford Bronco For Sale Is a Bizarre Ex-Federal Surveillance Rig

Ever wanted to spend a few days in the back of an old Ford?
Chicago Motors

Ever just sit around in your car waiting for something exciting to happen? Remove the automobile, and that’s my whole life wrapped up in one sentence! Joking aside, some vehicles are built solely for the purpose of waiting on-site to gather evidence and solve crimes. This 1992 Ford Bronco, first spotted by Silodrome, is one of those vehicles. Originally operated by HSI, a part of the Department of Homeland Security, it’s now being offered for sale by Chicago Motors out of Illinois.

Most of the important modifications happen out back, where the truck has been modified in 1990s fashion to be an ideal stakeout machine. Heavily tinted windows obscure a rear cargo area that’s been fitted with a swivel chair, two desks, lights, and other equipment. Feast your eyes on all that wood paneling, and the mysterious knobs. Other strange mods include conventional household locks which can be used to seal up the car from the inside. Not sure exactly why those are there to supplement the car’s regular door locks, but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.

This particular Bronco sends power to all four wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. The grunt itself is provided by a 5.0-liter V8, which has seen just 39,495 miles, although it likely has a lot of idle hours. And yes, this is the same spec Bronco that O.J. Simpson used to run from police in June of 1994. It’s not the same truck, it just looks the same.

Chigaco Motors claims it purchased the Bronco “from Texas from the government.” The vehicle’s Carfax states it was sold at an auction in 2016. Since obtaining it, it has been refreshed with new tires, brakes, wheels, and other components. In short, it’s a pretty fresh Bronco whether or not it was used to watch suspected criminals over a large period of time.

Some of you may know that the DHS was formed after the September 11th attacks, and this truck is a 1992. It’s likely that it was purchased used by the HSI. Its Carfax report shows a large gap in data between 1992 and 2001, but there are no mileage discrepancies or anything particularly unusual besides that.

In any case, if you want this uniquely modified Bronco, it will run you $29,995.

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