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Ford Bronco ProRunner Kit Turns the Off-Roader Into a Desert Weapon

This kitted-out Bronco sits seven inches wider than a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and has even longer suspension travel than the Bronco Raptor.

Ford made many off-road enthusiasts very happy when it launched the Bronco Raptor (or “Braptor,” if you will). The Braptor is the most hardcore off-road Bronco Ford has offered from the factory. It’s wider, it has more suspension travel, it features extensive chassis reinforcements, and it packs a lot more power. But if you want an even more aggressive off-road suspension setup, the American Performance Group is back with a Ford Bronco ProRunner.

APG previously built the Ranger ProRunner, which was the Ranger Raptor we never had. Now APG wants the Bronco ProRunner to be the most capable off-road Bronco yet, while still being just as adept on-road. So, despite the ProRunner’s extreme setup, APG doesn’t want to sacrifice road comfort or daily usability.

The Bronco ProRunner’s main party trick is its suspension, or more specifically, its control arms. To increase the wheel track, APG gave the Bronco ProRunner billet aluminum upper control arms and boxed lower control arms which are 3.5 inches wider per side. For you mathletes, that’s seven inches wider total, which is about an inch wider than the Braptor’s wheel track. Due to its wider track, the Bronco ProRunner offers up to 16.5 inches of suspension travel, which is more than the Braptor’s 13-inch front and 14-inch rear suspension travel. King Race Series coilovers with triple-bypass shocks help handle the longer suspension travel and are mounted to reinforced shock towers.

You can also spec the Bronco ProRunner with up to 40-inch tires, which cuts down its suspension travel to “only” 14.5 inches. To make sure it can handle the massive new tires, a seven-inch-wider Ultimate Dana 60 rear axle and a Ultimate Dana 44 IFS front drive unit with 300M RCV HD axles were fitted. Carbon fiber front and rear fenders extend the body width up to 14 inches to make room for the extra wheel width. That brings its total width to 89.9 inches, which is more than seven inches wider than a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but pre-orders begin August 1 and production for Bronco ProRunners begins in the Fall. In addition to the aforementioned mechanical upgrades, there are other optional extras you can add, such as roof racks, lighting, performance mods, and even protective armor. Production takes place at APG’s facility in Garden Grove, California, and APG will help you coordinate shipping your Bronco if you live out of state.

The Bronco ProRunner isn’t going to be as fast as the Bronco Raptor, at least without any engine upgrades, but if you’re looking to upgrade your Bronco to have the same level of off-road capability, the ProRunner kit should do the trick. Without pricing, it’s unclear if the ProRunner kit will be more affordable than buying a Bronco Raptor ($70,095). That being said, the ProRunner kit can be added to a base Bronco ($32,895 after destination), so it should be a better bargain.