Ford Mustang GTD Buyers Can Pay Extra So Others Can’t Get the Same Color

There are thousands of colors to choose from but, if you're willing to pay enough, you can make sure yours is exclusive to you.

In the world of the uber-rich, expensive cars aren’t all that special. Wealthy folk have always had a thing for fancy rides, after all. But there’s one commodity that they will fight over: Exclusivity. With the $325,000, 800-horsepower, hardcore Ford Mustang GTD, customers can pay extra to make sure no other Mustang GTD is produced in their specific color.

Ford calls it the “Exclusive Extended Color Palette Lock-Out Option.” It’s an extension of the GTD’s “Extended Color Palette.” Included in the Mustang GTD’s base price are six colors to choose from. However, the Extended Color Palette adds thousands of color options, for a price of course. But if you pay even more, you get the Lock-Out Option, which locks every other customer out of choosing your color, making it exclusive to you. While the GTD, which is making its Goodwood Hill Climb debut this weekend, will likely go up in value, a 1-of-1,400 color could make it skyrocket.

There’s no word on how much either color option will cost, but paying for an exclusive color will likely be worth whatever dollar amount is attached to it, just so the owner can say they have the only Nepo Baby Blue Mustang GTD in the world. Things might get dicey when one rich person wants to pick a color and suddenly realizes they can’t because it’s been taken. With thousands to choose from, Ford will likely have many similar shades to keep deep-pocketed enthusiasts happy.

Ford is far from the only brand to allow customers to spec unique color options, especially for limited edition sports cars. However, Ford’s lock-out option adds a layer of competition to the buying process. Ford’s been quiet on the order details but it’s fair to assume that every customer is given the same list of extended colors to choose from. So there might be a rush to order their car just so they can lock out their chosen color before anyone else gets it.

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