Listen to the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse’s V8 Snarl While Idling

There are probably a few V8s that sound better, but we can't really remember what those are right now.

A video of the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse on the street reveals a deeply menacing exhaust note.

The Dark Horse was spotted in the wild by YouTuber DtRockstar1. The camouflaged vehicle was seen at the Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan during the 2022 Mustang Stampede, which also hosted the new seventh-generation Mustang reveal event.

The video may be short, but it gives us a close-up look at the Dark Horse, including several areas not shown in the official reveal. In particular, we get a look under the hood at the most powerful factory Coyote V8 ever. We get a great look at the twin throttle bodies and dual air intakes, which gives the hot Mustang’s engine bay a purposeful look. The car’s engine bay does appear to be lacking production-ready finish panels, but we appreciate the barebones aesthetic.

The real treat, though, is the sound. At idle, the Dark Horse has a purposeful thrum, but it gets even better in motion. Even at part throttle, it crackles and rumbles, before tearing up to a searing blat higher in the rev range. As far as V8 noises go, this is up there with some of the best.

The Mustang Dark Horse promises 500 horsepower and is built with track performance in mind. The car will be available with a range of performance parts, from carbon wheels to track tires and rear aero (not seen here). Ford will also build the Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R, which will serve as hardcore track-only versions not constrained by the hangups of humble road cars.

There’s plenty of buzz around the entire seventh-generation Mustang range. That’s no surprise for the launch of one of America’s most storied muscle cars. However, the Dark Horse seems to be the pick of the bunch. With serious power and a tuned chassis, paired with an angry horse’s head on the badge, what’s not to love?

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