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New Ford Mustang V8 Supercharger Kit Gives You 800 HP and a Warranty

A Dark Horse version of the kit is coming soon.

Ford Performance just announced a supercharger upgrade kit for the 2024 Ford Mustang that will reportedly take the stock V8 from 480 horsepower to a whopping 800. Almost any V8-powered seventh-generation Mustang can be fitted with the new supercharger, meaning that every drift-happy Mustang owner will soon have more power than a McLaren 750S.

The supercharger in question is a 3.0-liter, sixth-gen Whipple twin-screw supercharger, and the kit comes with a few extra upgrades. For example, it also gets a new oversized heat exchanger and high-flow intercooler pump, billet high-flow fuel rails, a new 92 mm throttle body, 120 mm dual air intake system, new high-flow dual-beam fuel injectors, dual high-flow fuel filters, and a Tomahawk V2 flash tool. The kit works for all 5.0-liter Mustang GT models, regardless of transmission. However, it doesn’t work with the Mustang Dark Horse … yet. There’s a Dark Horse-specific kit coming soon, according to Ford.

If you’re thinking “Big whoop, tuning shops have been supercharging Mustangs forever,” you’d be right, but Ford’s kit does have an advantage: a warranty. If the Ford Performance kit is installed at a dealer or ASE-certified shop, it comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty and is CARB compliant. Ford is making it easier than ever to supercharge your Mustang and gain supercar levels of power.

Factory-backed upgrades like this aren’t new, but this is one of the most extreme power bumps from what is essentially a dealer-installed upgrade I’ve ever seen. The stock Mustang GT makes 480 hp stock (486 with the performance pack), which means this new kit will almost double that. There’s no word on cost just yet, or when it will be available, but to some enthusiasts this will certainly be an upgrade worth every penny.

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