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The 2024 Ford Mustang Configurator is Now Live

Start building your dream Mustang and practicing your Cars & Coffee exit.

Mustangs have always been among the most customizable cars on sale and this new”S650 generation is no different. If you want to waste a few hours of your day customizing your own 2024 Ford Mustang, you can with the online configurator that just went live today. Just don’t get caught doing it at work. Or do—I’m not responsible for your professional well-being.

There are three different Mustang powertrains available: EcoBoost, GT, and Dark Horse. Premium versions of each make for a total of six different available trims. Adding to that, you can also get the EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, and GT Premium as convertibles if you’d like. Prices range from $33,160 for the entry-level EcoBoost all the way up to $64,860 for the Dark Horse Premium.

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse with optional carbon fiber
Mustang Dark Horse with carbon fiber wheels. Ford

If you opt for the EcoBoost, your Mustang will pack a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, making 315 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Jumping up to the GT model gets you a 5.0-liter V8, putting out 480 hp and 418 lb-ft. The Dark Horse gets the same V8 but with 20 extra ponies, totaling 500 hp. Sadly, if you want a manual, you’ll have to get one of the V8 models, as Ford dropped the six-speed manual for the EcoBoost. So, if you want a Mustang on a tighter budget, it’s a 10-speed auto for you.

Available only on the Mustang GT are optional GT Performance ($4,995) and Nite Pony ($1,195) packages. The former gets you things like Brembo brakes, 19-inch wheels, an electronic hand brake (with a Drift Brake function), a Torsen rear diff (3.73 ratio with the manual, 3.55 ratio with the automatic), and a beefier rear sway bar. The Nite Pony package simply adds some black trim bits and black wheels.

There are 11 different color options for the EcoBoost and GT Mustangs but only eight for the Dark Horse. There are also a few different hood stripe options for the EcoBoost and GT.


According to Ford, 27% of new Mustang GT and Dark Horse buyers opt for the manual transmission. Additionally, 50% of EcoBoost buyers now get the Performance package after the addition of the drift brake.

The new Mustang is one of the last front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, V8-powered, manual cars you can buy. So, if you have a few hours to spend (or you want to pretend to work while you coast into the long weekend), you can now build your perfect Mustang and daydream about leaving future Cars & Coffees in a cloud of tire smoke.

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