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Ford Applies for Mysterious ‘Mustang Dark Horse’ Trademark

A recent application to the EU trademark office may hint at an upcoming Mustang trim pack.

Ford has applied for a trademark for the name “Mustang Dark Horse” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, hinting at a tantalizing new trim pack in the company’s pipeline.

Ford filed for the trademark on June 22, with the application currently under examination. Specifically, the ‘Mustang Dark Horse’ trademark is intended to apply specifically to “Four-wheeled land vehicles, namely electric cars, sport utility vehicles, passenger automobiles.” The EU trademark application was spotted by an eagle-eyed member of the 7th Mustang forums. A search of US databases did not turn up a “Mustang Dark Horse” trademark application at the time of writing.

Notably, Ford recently put a call out on Twitter looking for a name for an upcoming “Mustang Black Accent Package.” The public was invited to offer suggestions online, with Ford posting the request on June 2.

It thus seems likely that Ford’s competition netted the Mustang Dark Horse moniker, given the trademark filing was made just weeks later. It’s a slam dunk for a black pony car, but we have to say, we’re a little disappointed. Other Twitter users chimed in with creative monikers like “Charcoal Stallion” and “Larry” which easily raise a smile. Imagine going to your local dealer and ordering the “Larry Pack.” Wouldn’t that be fun?

Of course, it seems like Ford’s highly-paid product marketing managers could have come up with “Dark Horse” on their own, given a strong pot of coffee and a few hours to mull it over. However, we’ll be charitable and note that the call for submissions was a great way to create a little buzz for the new trim package.

A selection of the best Twitter responses to Ford’s call for submissions. “Knightmare” is actually pretty badass, but perhaps too hardcore for a mere trim package.

The all-black aesthetic is a timeless one, with various automakers flirting with it to some degree or other over the years. Rolls-Royce tinkered with the murdered-out look in recent years, though didn’t quite commit fully and left some contrasting chrome in its designs. A sharp matte black finish is also available on the 2023 Toyota Tundra, and it comes complete with a blacked-out interior and debadged doors.

The Drive has reached out to Ford for comment regarding the trademark and whether it will indeed apply to an upcoming accent package in Europe and beyond. Realistically, though, it’s a car named after a horse and it’s going to come in all black. It’s hard to imagine Ford calling it anything else, but who knows? The Larry Pack may yet become a reality!

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