Ford Mustang vs C7 Corvette Drag Race Ends, How Else, With the Mustang in the Wall

This crash certainly doesn’t help the Mustang’s reputation.

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Wheels | YouTube
Wheels | YouTube.


You don't need to read the headline to know how this drag race ends. As soon as the S550-generation Mustang GT lined up next to the C7 Corvette, we all knew where the Mustang was going —into the wall.

Joking aside, I'm not trying to paint Mustangs or their owners with broad strokes but the internet is flooded with so many crashing Mustangs that it's become a meme. Admittedly, this driver didn't crash because they were trying to impress Monster-fueled dude-bros while leaving a car event. Instead, this driver lost control while pushing their Mustang to the absolute limit in a last-ditch effort to catch a Corvette. Thankfully, the driver walked away from the crash and seemed to be without any major injury.

Wheels | YouTube

What caused the Mustang to lose control isn't exactly clear. The race started normally, with both cars launching hard. But shortly afterward, the Mustang's tail started to wag and the driver couldn't reel it in, so it eventually hit the wall. Was it a driver error or some sort of mechanical issue? Were the tires properly warmed before a flat-out drag race? It does look like the Mustang spins its rear tires far more than the Corvette during the launch and a set of cold tires would explain both its poor launch and the crash.

Adding salt to the wound is that the Mustang was getting walked by the Corvette before the crash. The 'Vette in question seemed to be a Grand Sport, which might have suspension and aero goodies from the Z06 but it only came with 466 horsepower from the factory, only a handful more than the Mustang. Of course, the Corvette may have been tuned or modified.

Fair or not, the Mustang has a reputation for crashing. It seems no car event can escape a Mustang owner putting their car into a wall, tree, or ditch on their way out. And this video certainly doesn't help the stereotype.

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