Dodge Is Hiring a ‘Chief Donut Maker’ for $150K a Year, Plus a Hellcat

Not too shabby…

byPeter Holderith|
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Dodge loves to play up its identity as a tough guy muscle car brand, and it markets hard to maintain that. As we've written, it's bringing back its Direct Connection performance parts for the first time in 40 years, and it's going to give away 25 Challengers to visible people who exemplify the brand. Oh, and one more thing—it's hiring somebody to serve as its "Chief Donut Maker."

The automaker is—we aren't kidding—actually looking to recruit somebody for that newly formed yet apparently very real position. This person, although the specific responsibilities of the job are hazy, will likely be the chief representative of the brand's image, with the "donut" portion of the title referring to doing a big burnout in a circle, of course. It's not a decision-making job per se—more like somebody the automaker will pay to be loud and wear Dodge apparel at SEMA. "Dodge is looking for an 'ambassador' of Never Lift who embodies the spirit of the founding Dodge brothers," the press release reads. "Never Lift," of course, is the automaker's two-year plan to offer more V8 performance parts for Challengers.

This individual will receive $150,000 a year in compensation for being the Chief Donut Maker. They will also get a Hellcat to drive around in, a bunch of clothing to best show off what Dodge is all about, and official Dodge business cards that read "Chief Donut Maker." If you're having trouble imagining this, just think Guy Fieri, but a Mopar guy.

Tim Kuniskis, Dodge's CEO, says the person he'll hire to be Chief Donut Maker will be modeled after the brand's ideal of the Dodge Brothers, the founders of the company. He says they were "never content to follow the trends, they were the seekers of a better, faster, more outrageous way of doing things." If that sounds like you and you're curious about becoming Dodge's next CDM, more information will be released about the program on Jan. 12, 2022. 

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