Watch This Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse Sprout Wings and Fly Over an SUV

Just lick that stamp and send it!

byJesus Garcia|
Cadillac News photo

So much of the automotive hobby is about doing stuff that offers zero practicality at the machine's expense. Stuff like burnout competitions, mud bogging, outrageous levels of negative camber, or political bumper stickers. Why do we do it? Because this is America, land of "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was America!" It's no wonder someone decided to do an impression of Orville Wright in a full-size Cadillac hearse.  

The words, "Go Fast & Don't Die" can be read on the side of the silver mid-90s era Cadillac Fleetwood hearse moments before takeoff. This video was posted on Instagram by account Jim_York, judging by the other posts on his page, enjoys partaking in backyard-wrestling-style car stunts. 

It includes three video clips taken from different angles. The post caption’s opening line is, “nothing about this jump should have worked!” It goes on to describe the stacked odds this Don't Fear the Reaper mobile overcame while jumping over a trashed SUV.

According to the post, the ramp was finished during the show. The Cadillac's speedometer wasn't working, so there was no way to gauge how fast it needed to go to clear the distance. 

Usually, with a car stunt like this, drivers will make a practice run to calculate their speed. There is also plenty of space to build up speed, but the Cadillac had neither. The post states that the straightaway leading up to the ramp was just wide enough for the hearse to squeeze through, and it started with a sharp left turn before the straightaway. So, no time to prepare, no space, and no way to measure speed. Just lick that stamp and send it.

The hearse manages to clear the first jump with a bunny-hop landing then turning around and launching off a second ramp before belly-flopping its front suspension on to the ground. It's visual expression of "just winging it."

What's truly impressive is that the hearse didn't snap in half at the end of its gymnastics routine. The headlights still worked.

I give it a score of 9 out of 10.

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