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The Infiniti QX60 Monograph Concept Looks Good, But Will It Make Anyone Care?

Something's gotta pay for that new Nissan Z, after all.

Following the much-hyped Z Proto reveal earlier this month, Nissan has debuted yet another prototype that’s said to closely resemble its upcoming production counterpart. And while it might not generate nearly as much internet buzz as that Z, this future Nissan probably matters way more when it comes to the company’s actual bottom line. This is the Infiniti QX60 Monograph and, as you’ve probably already surmised, it provides a glimpse into the next-generation QX60 crossover due out in 2021.

Because we know none of you have actually bothered to keep up with Infiniti’s confounding nomenclature, the QX60 is the brand’s mid-size, three-row SUV. You know, the Pathfinder-based one formerly known as the JX35 made to compete with the Lexus RX and Acura MDX.

Confusing names aside, this is an important car for Infiniti. It’s the brand’s best-selling model by a wide margin, accounting for almost 37 percent of all sales in 2019. In comparison, Infiniti’s second-most popular product, the Q50 sedan, only made up 22 percent of its total pie. 

With those stakes in mind, it’s no surprise that Infiniti has played it relatively safe with this redesign. Big, imposing, corporate grille? Check. A single, continuous light bar that spans the tailgate? Check. Roof finished in a different color from the rest of the body? Check. Paint that makes the solid metal body look liquid? A whole bunch of chrome trim and fancy wheels? Check and check.


What makes this car potentially even more significant though is the fact that Nissan is planning on a cost-cutting revamp of the brand that will reportedly turn it back into “Nissan-plus.” With the first products made under that ethos reportedly due out by 2023, the QX60 we’re looking at here could very well be one of the last Infinitis made under its “real luxury” era. So, enjoy it while it’s still here.

Oh, and Infiniti, while you guys are shaking things up, please consider switching your naming scheme back to something that makes sense.

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