The 2022 Chevy Silverado’s New Interior Is a Massive Leap Over the Current Truck

The new Silverado High Country interior rivals—or even surpasses—that of a GMC Denali.

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For most cars, receiving a mild update halfway through their lifecycle isn't a big deal, but for the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado, it is. For one, the Chevy pickup doesn't have stacked headlights for the first time in what feels like forever. Inside the cabin, a lot of changes have been made, too. Good changes.

As recent rumors have suggested, Chevy is breaking the mold here. The refreshed Silverado has an entirely new interior on trims LT and above, optional towing-enabled Super Cruise on the top-level High Country, and a slew of comfort features to rival the Ram 1500 and new Ford F-150.


To start, take a look at the new interior overall. It now has a healthy 13.4-inch horizontal infotainment screen. This is way different than the current Silverado's interior, which has a comparatively small display and a more vertical center console layout. The new driver-oriented touchscreen has some interesting goodies as well, including Google Maps, Google Play, and Google Assistant. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also standard on trims LT and above, and Amazon Alexa can be had, too.

Trucks equipped with bucket seats get a nice-looking shifter mounted to the center console instead of the steering column. While Chevy was at it, it also threw in real open-pore wood to the console, upper glove box, and doors of the High Country trim. Also standard on the High Country are stainless steel speaker covers and perforated upholstery.

The highest Silverado trim also gets one of the updated truck's most exciting features—GM's Super Cruise driving-assist system. And with help from a slew of cameras, you can hook up a trailer to the new Silverado High Country and haul it down the highway hands-free. We've driven a GMC Sierra with this tech and it's seriously impressive. Super Cruise is great without having to haul anything around, as well.

Other available features include GM's nifty camera display that's integrated into the rearview mirror. There's also a heads-up display to present essential information to the driver right on the windshield, and a reconfigurable digital instrument cluster that measures a 12.3 inches across. 

As previously mentioned, the current-gen Silverado should've had an interior similar to this when it debuted a few years back. However, the truck was allegedly rushed to production in order to compete with the Ram and Ford trucks debuting at that time. Now, the Silverado is entering its true form, at least for higher trims.

The WT, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss are still stuck with the old interior. However, considering the LT is not astronomically more expensive than those lower-end trucks, we expect a lot of folks will spend extra for the new look. That's not even mentioning the ZR2, of course, which gets its own custom-patterned upholstery and rugged-looking trim to boot.

Chevy Silverado ZR2 Interior, Chevrolet

If you're looking to get a new full-size truck, well, things just got a lot more interesting. It's tempting to say the truck market is heating up, but to be fair, it never quite cools down. Chevy says this new updated Silverado will arrive at dealers in the spring of 2022.

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