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Annie the 800-Pound Cow Travels Through Town in a Chevrolet Silverado

The 18-month-old cow accompanies her owner on trips through town and enjoys McDonald's ice cream as a treat.

An 800-pound cow in the back seat of a Chevy is certainly a sight to behold. Annie the Cow has garnered over 19 million views since a motorist spotted and recorded the animal riding in the backseat of Ohio farmer Cory Morris’ Chevrolet Silverado, according to Auto Evolution. Morris began taking care of the 18-month-old cow when her mother stopped caring of her shortly after birth. Annie enjoys the rides and stopping for a McDonald’s ice cream after errands.

Although she fits now, as Annie grows bigger and heavier, accompanying her owner on his trips through town won’t be a lifelong endeavor, and Morris is well aware. While she can still fit inside the Silverado, though, the farmer routinely takes her along, simply opening the door and letting her jump in. 

As you can see from the now-viral video below, Annie really seems to enjoy sticking her head out the window and soaking up some sun. 

Let’s take a look, shall we?

As it stands, Annie has her own Facebook page with nearly 20,000 likes or followers, with an official meet and greet at the NCR Country Club Banquet and Meeting Facility scheduled for Oct. 29. While seeing a viral sensation in the flesh is surely exciting to many, attending this event would essentially result in a group of people looking at a regular cow. What we all truly want, of course, is to watch her ride in the back of a Chevy, sticking her head out the window, and enjoying her free-spirited youth.