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Now This Is What You Don’t Want

Nobody was injured when this Ram went over, which isn't always the case with wrecks on Colorado's fabled Black Bear Pass.

You’ve gotta respect the diehard full-size off-road guys. They don’t care how banged up their Squarebody Chevy gets when running up Moab’s trails that are pretty tight, even for Jeeps. That said, when a big Ram pickup starts heading down Colorado’s Black Bear Pass with no way to turn around, the going can get hairy. That’s what happened on Thursday when a closure was forced due to a wrecked truck blocking the trail.

Black Bear Pass has gotten more famous over time as photos get shared around Facebook and people keep watching that guy get yelled at by his wife on YouTube. Even though some people say it’s not as tricky as it looks, I’m not really buying it—that’s a narrow trail, no matter how you shake it. Whoever was driving when this Ram HD tipped over probably feels the same way.

San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

The San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office posted photos of the wreckage on Facebook, explaining that the trail will be closed until the pickup can be towed out. There’s no way a normal wrecker can make it through those switchbacks, so a local off-road recovery crew will almost definitely have to do the job. We’ve seen rigs get stuck in crazier spots, I suppose, and it’s not like this is the first time it’s ever happened on Black Bear.

Commenters who say they’ve completed the trail to Telluride questioned how the truck tipped there. Other than the obvious possibility of putting a tire off the side, it’s hard to say what led to the costly mistake. Nobody can blame the driver for being a tourist, either—look at those Colorado plates. It seems like a matter of misjudging the path, which has a peak elevation of 12,840 feet.

Luckily, nobody was injured, though there were passengers in the vehicle. The last time we covered a crash on Black Bear Pass, a young couple rolled their Jeep Wrangler and a 23-year-old woman sustained severe spinal injuries. That goes to show it could’ve been far worse for the people in this Ram.

While there are clips online of full-size trucks making it down the rocky road without issue, it’s important to still be cautious. Always wheel with a friend and make sure you’ve got a plan should something go wrong.

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