Play This Mesmerizing BMW i4 Assembly Animation on Loop

You didn't have any plans for today, right?

Companies worldwide are using their social media presence to spread positive messages and news amidst the global pandemic, but it’s not all serious. BMW’s latest post is a hypnotic animation that shows its upcoming i4 electric sedan in an imaginary production line. Titled “Some Assembly Required,” it’s easy to zone out watching the video loop over and over.

It’s a cutesy animation but it’s also totally mesmerizing, and the relaxing techno beats help complete the perfectly looped video. The car comes together in the animation when a battery, some wheels, and paint are thrown into a mold. The whole thing looks almost like a commercial bakery making loaves of bread, as the car is “baked” in a pan before being plopped out next to a charging station

The upcoming i4 will be based on the 3-Series sedan and roll oout next year as a 2021 model. We don’t have the whole picture of the car’s specs, but we know that the i4 will come with a 530-horsepower electric motor with an 80-kWh battery. It will have a 372-mile range according to BMW and is said to make the run from zero to 60 miles per hour in just four seconds.

Production models aren’t usually as wild as the concept vehicles that precede them, but we can hope that the i4 will retain some of the futuristic look that this car has.

Overall, the video is a fitting tease for a car that represents a step forward for BMW’s electric vehicle program. The company’s electric car efforts in the U.S. have included the tiny urban runabout i3 and the exotic i8, neither of which are particularly practical or affordable. The i4 should be a more mainstream car that appeals to a wider variety of buyers, potentially catapulting the Bavarian automaker’s EV efforts to a truly large-scale operation.

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