A Honda Dealership Will Pay Someone (You?) $900 to Watch All 9 Fast & Furious Movies

By our math, this will net one determined FnF fan about $50 per hour spent with Dom and The Family.

byChris Tsui|
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We're still three months away from F9's debut, but dedicated fans of the Fast & Furious franchise are already working on re-watching the existing saga in preparation for the new movie. Yonkers Honda in New York understands this and, according to Western Mass News, it's running a contest in which one committed Fast fanatic will be rewarded $900 to watch all nine (1 through 8 plus the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff) previous movies. 

Before you go checking Netflix or booking a bus ticket to Yonkers, the deal comes with several conditions. To start, you'll need to apply and tell the dealership why you're worthy of even attempting this. From the dealership's website:

"Fill out the application below and tell us why you’re the perfect person for this job. Applicants’ level of enthusiasm for cars and/or movies will be a strong factor for consideration, so provide what you need to demonstrate how and why you love either or both of those things." 

The lucky participant will then be hand-selected by the dealership. All nine movies must be watched during the week leading up to F9's May 22 release date and you'll be required to fill out a "worksheet" for each movie. You'll also need to document your FnF-athon on both Facebook and Twitter, presumably so everyone you went to high school with will know how much your time is really worth nowadays. 

In return, you'll get $900, a box set of the eight non-spinoff Fast & Furious movies, and a $50 gift card to spend seeing F9 the weekend it comes out with a friend and some snacks. Oh, and you'll also be required to submit a "Tweet-length review" of the new film.

Valuing that box set at $50 and assuming a 130-minute runtime for F9, this whole endeavor would take a total of 20-and-a-half hours and work out to around $50 an hour. Whether or not that's worth it will depend entirely on how much you value your time, car-based action movies, and, of course, family.

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