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The Radical Lexus GXOR Concept Is a Luxury Off-Road Truck Worthy of Production

Lexus is taking pointers from the overlanding scene's most capable builds—and we just wish it'd build this thing already.

If you find yourself traversing the storied Rubicon Trail or perhaps the infamous Hell’s Gate obstacle in Moab, look past the waves of modified Jeeps and you know what you’ll see? Toyotas. And Lexuses. There’s a reason off-roaders flock to the tried-and-true machines, putting their own personal touches on them and upgrading the 4x4s to the high-heavens. The Japanese auto giant knows this and, to satisfy the needs and wants of its diehard followers, it created this: the lifted and kitted Lexus GXOR Concept.

Standing for “GX Off-Road,” Lexus’ newest project features all the necessary equipment for adventure, paired with the model’s proven go-anywhere capability. It takes cues from today’s booming overland scene by incorporating not only ultra-high performance Icon brand suspension with remote reservoirs but also a safari-style snorkel and amenities for comfortable living by way of a Patriot Campers X1H trailer. These are only a few of the highlights which help the GXOR to stand out from a typical showroom model.

As mentioned, upgraded suspension gives the concept additional ground clearance and articulation—a must when driving rocky and uneven trails. Traction comes in heaps thanks to 275/70/R18 General Grabber X3 tires which are mounted to factory Lexus F Sport wheels. Then, should you have issues climbing over or through anything with these aptly upgraded bits of equipment, gear like MaxTrax recovery boards can be found mounted on the Eezi-Awn K9 roof rack.


CBI frame sliders work in tandem with full underbody armor to prevent any critical damage while off the grid, but given the unfortunate possibility that you may be stranded without a co-driver or spotter, the GXOR also features an Icom 5100 ham radio. Don’t forget, though, that there’s also a hidden Warn 9.5 XPS winch mounted at the front to pull your rig to safety in most situations.


Lexus holds its stance that this is purely a concept, which is understandable given all the aftermarket-sourced equipment. However, should it get the green light down the road from higher management, up-market off-roaders are a hot commodity for well-off fun-havers…just ask Mercedes.