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Someone Covered Their Toyota Corolla in Cow Poop to Keep Cool During the Hot Summer

This thing will have you saying "holy crap."

You’ve probably heard the term “sh*tbox” before, but this feces-friendly Toyota Corolla absolutely takes the cake. Welcome to the world of eco-conscious, all-natural air conditioning: cow dung.

A man by the name of Rupesh Gauranga recently posted a photo to Facebook which he says was sent to him from a woman in the Western Indian city of Ahmedabad. Attached are two photos of a Toyota Corolla Altis which appears to be covered in rust. A closer inspection, however, reveals a much more perturbed predicament. 

Yeah, that’s poop.

Your stomach is probably a bit unsettled now. You want to laugh, but you also want to throw up a little bit. Just why would someone do this?

Heat. Summers in India can be extremely hot and with temperatures peaking in May and June, air conditioning is a must. But when it comes to city driving, even newer cars have trouble keeping up with the sun beating down. According to the Facebook post, the woman who owns the car decided to take matters into her own hands once the climate started reaching daily temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius).

In rural India, cow feces is often used as an inexpensive method of insulation. It’s commonplace for walls and floors to be intentionally coated with dung to keep the interior of a structure tepid in the harsh heat of summer or intense chill of winter. It’s also believed to be a natural disinfectant and mosquito repellent.

That being said, I still have many questions. Does it work? How much does it weigh? Does it protect against door dings? What happens when it rains? And—most importantly—how does it smell?

I’ll at least give this driver points for not covering her windshield.