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AE86 Toyota Corolla Does Burnout on Its Matching Baller Hauler

Miles Shinneman brings his SEMA duo '93 Isuzu NPR Transporter and his AE86 Corolla to Hoonigan's Donut Garage for some fun.

For the most recent episode of Hoonigan’s Build Breakdown, Hoonigan has car enthusiast Miles Shinneman bring his “Baller Hauler” by the Donut Garage. Shinneman’s Baller Hauler is possibly the coolest way to bring your car to the track.

The “Baller Hauler,” which you may have seen at this years SEMA show, is actually a 9,000 pound 1993 Isuzu NPR Transporter. Most Isuzu NPR trucks go through life as a box truck or a dump truck, but Shinneman put a custom flatbed on the back to hold the other vehicle he brought with him. He dropped a LQ4 V8 engine in the Isuzu, lowered it and added an AirLift system and 24-inch custom semi truck wheels. The body kit on the truck is all custom metal. 

To go along with the Baller Hauler, Shinneman hauls around his custom AE86 Toyota Corolla. The Corolla also has a metal welded body kit and is powered by a 3SGE Beams engine. Shinneman does some donuts in the video for your viewing pleasure.

On Hoonigan’s new bonus YouTube channel, Hoonigan Bonus, Shinneman went into further detail on the truck and showed off its Bluetooth keychain ramp controller. After getting the AE86 Corolla loaded on the Baller Hauler, Hoonigan Hertrech Eugene Jr. hopped behind the wheel of the truck while Shinneman did a burnout while Shinneman did a burnout up on the truck. 

“The Hoonigan team made shooting a blast, don’t think I’ve ever met such a cool group of gearheads.” Shinneman told The Drive.

Check out Hoonigans recent episode of Build Breakdown to see Shinneman’s Baller Hauler with matching AE86 Toyota Corolla below.