Toyota Corolla With Snowmobile on the Roof Proves Anything Can Be a Truck If You Want It to Be

Whether or not the cops approve is another story.

byJames Gilboy|
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Truck is not a type of vehicle—it's a state of mind. Philosophers define it as a faith in one's vehicle to carry anything that can be ratchet strapped to the roof, no matter how precariously. Practitioners of this outlook, though, aren't always looked on kindly by law enforcement, which last Sunday halted the enlightened driver of a Toyota Corolla transporting a snowmobile on their car's roof.

Wisconsin State Patrol spotted the overloaded Toyota on Highway 63 early Sunday afternoon, pulling it over around 1:20 p.m. according to Star Tribune. Though the sedan bore Minnesota plates, the state trooper found local 23-year-old Matthew Schmit behind the wheel, Schmit having allegedly bought the car in spring but not yet transferred the title. The Polaris snowmobile, however, was a newer acquisition, with Schmit telling the state trooper he was hauling it to a friend's house to show it off.

"I know it looks sketchy, but we had it strapped down and shook it," Schmit was quoted saying by a Wisconsin Department of Transportation spokesperson. "Up like in this kind of region, stuff like this gets seen all the time, but more like the back roads."

Schmit reportedly received a $10 citation for an unbuckled belt, but despite his vehicle's load coming in "over-width," he received only a warning. Though instructed to "just turn around and drive it home," Schmit reportedly handled his drive home as casually as he did the rest of the ordeal, stopping at a restaurant for a meal en route. Schmit's mindset of Truck seems to have liberated him of all earthly worries—perhaps his worldview is worth looking into in these trying times.

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