This Is the Most Unfortunate Way to Start a Hillclimb Race

Watch as a hillclimb racer begins his day with a bit more tire spin than expected.

Welcome to Bergrennen Reitnau, an annual Hillclimb event in Switzerland. This mile long track climbs 365 feet before a racer’s time is logged, pitting the most experienced racers against one another for the title of most nimble car up the mountain. The majority make it to the finish line, but there are quite a few who fall short each year. Unfortunately for this poor guy, it seems like he made it less than fifty feet before immobilizing his car for the rest of the race.

If you are not familiar with the concept of hillclimb racing (or depending who you ask, just “hillclimbing”), it is one of the oldest forms of motorsports. First taking place in 1897, the first documented race occurred in Nice, France. This particular race, occurring in Switzerland, takes full advantage of the mountainout terrain that the Alps produce in the countryside. The goal of the race is simple – be the fastest driver from the bottom of the hill to the finish line. But, unlike NASCAR where left turns are a driver’s most difficult twist of the steering wheel (joke), hillclimbers must face traditional roadways and curving slopes while battle time to reach the top of the course.

Now that you are briefly acquainted with the sport, take a look at the crash below.

But wait, that’s not all! Our favorite hillclimb YouTuber has a lot more in store. Here are more crashes over the past four years at Bergrennen Reitnau.