Watch a Crashing Peugeot Rally Car Nearly Hit a Baby

Bringing a baby to a rally is definitely a “no no” in the parenting 101 book.

byMax Goldberg|
Watch a Crashing Peugeot Rally Car Nearly Hit a Baby

Being a spectator at a rally is one of the more dangerous events you can spectate at. Due to the limited safety barriers, high speeds of the vehicles, and inherently tricky courses, rallies see their fair share of crashes. Unfortunately, those crashes often are around spectating areas and frequently involve said spectators.

In the video below, you can see a Peugeot 205 GTI miss its turn and skid off the course into a group of spectators at the 2017 Rallye de Trois Ponts. Narrowly squeezing between and official and a baby the Peugeot avoids a potentially deadly situation. Before the video comes to a close, we found ourselves yelling, “Hey lady! Why did you bring a damn baby?” at the screen. Unfortunately, she must have not had the same train of thought as us, since she had her stroller parked right next to the course, with zero form of protective barrier between her and a speeding rally car.

What can we learn from this? Babies have no place at a rally course...especially not at a bend where any car missing its mark goes directly toward the baby.