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2025 Ram 1500 REV Electric Pickup Targets 500-Mile Range, 14,000-Pound Max Tow

A range extender is also confirmed, which could put the truck in another league compared to its competition from Chevy and Ford.

Ram is the last of America’s Big Three to announce an electric truck, but despite its timing, it’s gone all-in on the specs of the 1500 REV. The automaker is not only promising the most range in its class at 500 miles or more but also seriously impressive towing at 14,000 pounds. The battery necessary to achieve these figures is immense.

The 800-volt truck will offer a slew of range-saving technology, but it isn’t skimping out on capacity when it comes to the juice under the floor. The 1500 REV will come standard with a huge 168-kilowatt-hour battery, but that’s only the beginning. The top trim, 500-mile range truck gets a truly titanic 229-kWh unit. That’s bigger than the Hummer EV’s battery and the long-range Ford F-150 Lightning’s battery—it’s the largest capacity battery we’ve seen in any electric passenger car since this whole EV revolution got rolling. A gasoline-fueled range extender will likewise be offered on the “REV XR” which Ram claims will be “class-shattering” in terms of performance.

Standard range is estimated at 350 miles, with charging for both trims happening at 350kW. That means 110 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes. Twin single-motor drive units at each axle provide 654 horsepower and 620 lb.-ft. of torque and enable a sprint to 60 in a claimed 4.4 seconds. The front axle is capable of declutching from the road to save energy, and the rear differential can be locked. The automaker did not specify whether or not this will be the only motor configuration available.

Like the gas-powered truck, the REV will be available in several trims. Tradesman, Big Horn/Lone Star, Laramie, and Limited will all be offered. There’s also a new halo trim called Tungsten, which sits above Limited. It includes a 23-speaker sound system, heated and ventilated massage seats, a suede headliner, and more. Despite these creature comforts, Ram assures buyers that this truck is “true to the hardworking nature of the Ram 1500.” I’m sure this thing is coming to a job site near you.

With independent rear suspension, the REV is capable of a claimed 2,700-pound payload. Pulling the aforementioned 14,000-pound trailer should be a similarly comfortable affair. That’s not only because of the air suspension and adaptive dampers, but also thanks to the pure mass of this truck that simply cannot be understated. Ram hasn’t told us how much it weighs yet, but the Hummer EV comes in at 9,063 pounds with its 212-kWh battery pack, which weighs 3,000 pounds on its own. The 229-kWh unit in the REV is possibly even heavier, and the sort of truck built around a cell-filled metal mattress like that is going to make the “Tungsten” name a perfect fit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 1500 REV’s curb weight is somewhere in the five-ton range.

Along with this road-pounding heft comes a slew of technology as well. The driver and passenger both get infotainment displays in the REV along with a digital instrument cluster. “Hands-free Active Driving Assist,” an analog to GM’s Super Cruise and Ford’s Blue Cruise, will also be offered. The system will track the driver’s eyes to ensure they’re paying attention to the road, and a heads-up display and a digital rearview mirror will also keep the driver informed of what’s going on around them.

Similar to the F-150 Lightning, the REV will be able to power tools on a job site, an owner’s home, or another electric vehicle. The Ram has the most spacious frunk of any electric pickup yet, and it includes a power panel inside capable of outputting 3.6 kW of power at household voltages. A similar panel in the trunk can do the same thing, except with 7.2 kW of output. When specced with the gasoline range extender, it’s possible that using these outlets may not even discharge the truck’s battery, although Ram did not officially state as much. Specifications of the range extender are still forthcoming.

Features like a software key that allows owners to use their smartphones to start their trucks, one pedal driving, and a suite of energy consumption readouts to help optimize the truck’s range round out the REV’s tech. The automaker did not state a release date for the pickup, but other details like its actual EPA-estimated range, specs of the XR trim, and more will come closer to its release sometime in 2024.

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