Ram’s First Electric Pickup Truck Will Be Called the Ram 1500 REV

If you aren’t already revved up about another battery-powered pickup, well… Maybe now you are?

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Remember the electric Ram Revolution Concept from January's Consumer Electronics Show? The one with a midgate and third-row jumpseats? Well, the production model that follows it officially has a name now. It's the Ram 1500 REV, which is very close to what we thought it was called already.

Ram confirmed the news Thursday during its 2023 Chicago Auto Show presentation. It's snappy, I'll give 'em that. It also won't make internal combustion diehards upset like Ford's decision to name its electric F-150 the Lightning. Where's the V8, huh? And what about the supercharger?!

We still haven't seen the actual Ram 1500 REV production model, though the manufacturer insists it'll be revealed "in the coming months." Additional info is apparently coming Feb. 12, according to Ram. There's no telling exactly when we'll see it in full, but Ram has said it'll start production next year, which is also when the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV will arrive.

Upon launch, expect the Ram 1500 REV to be an electric-only model. A variant with an internal combustion range extender is slated to go on sale as well, so customers will have options. Either way, Ram promises a truck that will offer stellar range, charge time, payload capacity, and max towing.

When asked by The Drive if the concept's most intriguing features—namely those third-row jumpseats—would reach production, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. said: “You’ll quickly be able to see how much this concept was able to influence the actual production battery-electric vehicle. Now I will say, one of the beautiful things about a concept vehicle is you’re allowed to dream. You’re allowed to put things on it that may or may not make their way into production.”

Either way, we know the name for sure.

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