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The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Is a Stunning Hybrid Concept For Gran Turismo 7

Players can put this gorgeous concept car in their GT7 garages on January 24.

Genesis just dropped quite possibly the prettiest concept car I’ve seen since the Toyota FT-1 but it’s unfortunately only digital at the moment. The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept just made its debut at the Gran Turismo World Series in Barcelona and that’s where it’s staying—in Gran Turismo 7.

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta concept is unlike anything Genesis has ever designed before. It’s long, low, and curvaceous, with a design that looks more Italian than any Genesis before it. It looks like it should have a prancing horse or a trident on its hood. A fitting name, then. There are so many cool details, such as the massive aero scoop in the front end and the wing that’s integrated into its oval-shaped rear.

Perhaps most interesting about it is that it isn’t entirely electric. So many Gran Turismo concept cars are fully electric, to make brands feel futuristic without them having to develop an exotic-looking EV for real. But instead, the Genesis is a hybrid.

Even though the car is entirely digital, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is said to use a “Lambda 11” V6 that revs to 10,000 rpm and makes 870 horsepower and 790 lb-ft of torque on its own. When combined with the “Yasa E” electric motor—which makes its own 201 horsepower and 196 lb-ft—the total power output is 1,071 horsepower and 986 lb-ft.

Players can find the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta in their Gran Turismo 7 garages as a gift, following the upcoming January 24 update. All they have to do is click a banner at the top right corner of their GT7 world map screen and watch the GT World Series broadcast.

There’s no indication that Genesis will ever develop a production version of the Gran Berlinetta concept but I sincerely hope it does. Genesis has never had a halo car, something special that will bring customers into dealerships just to get a glimpse of it, but I think now is the time. Make it happen, Genesis.

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