Genesis Launches Magma Performance Arm With Spicy GV60 Concept

Genesis finally has its own performance division, and it’s got a name you won’t soon forget.

byNico DeMattia|


Look out M and AMG, Genesis just launched its own performance label and its first car is as spicy as its name implies—the Genesis GV60 Magma. While technically still a concept, the GV60 Magma is a very real sign of things to come, as Genesis wants to make a high-performance Magma variant of every production car it builds. This bright orange electric crossover is just the beginning.

Since Genesis is serious about Magma being a high-performance name, the GV60 Magma's fantastic looks aren't just aesthetic. Its newly vented front bumper features air intakes to cool the battery, its vented fender flares and killer 21-inch aero disc wheels help cool the brakes, and its rear wing provides a bit of extra downforce. To make sure it delivers on its suggested performance, Genesis hired legendary Formula 1 and Le Mans champion Jacky Ickx as a brand partner, to lend his racing expertise.

Genesis didn't reveal any specs for the GV60 Magma, as it's still a concept. However, we've already seen the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N pump out 641 horsepower, so we know both brands have some pretty high-performance electric hardware in house.

The GV60 Magma will be seen by the public for the first time at the New York International Auto Show later this week, where it will debut alongside a few other new cars. The Genesis G80 Magma Special is a higher-performance version of its G80 sedan, with a similar orange color scheme, but it will only be available in the Middle East. There will also the stunning X Gran Berlinetta Concept, but we saw that last year.

The other big news from Genesis at the NY Auto Show is the Neolun Concept, a massive luxurious SUV with minimalist styling, B-pillarless design, coach doors, and a lounge-like interior. Its Indigo-colored leather seats are plush and the fronts can swivel around to face the rears, creating a communal atmosphere, though that isn't anything particularly new in the world of electric vehicle concepts. What is new is its use of traditional Korean "ondol" radiant heating, using heating films in the dashboard, door trims, seat backs, and even the floor.

Hopefully we seen these concepts come to life sooner than later, especially the GV60 Magma and all future Magma models. Not only would it be great to see Genesis launch a performance brand to rival BMW and Mercedes, but it would also immediately have the best name of them all.

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