The Genesis X Convertible Concept Is a Clearly Gorgeous Electric Drop-Top

Leave it to Genesis to design the open-air EV we’ve been asking for.

byChris Tsui|
Chris Tsui
Chris Tsui.

Purveyor of consistently gorgeous luxury cars Genesis has yet another hit on its hands: the Genesis X Convertible concept. It's essentially a drop-top version of the X Concept it unveiled last year. Without a roof—and in white—it might be even more beautiful.

Clearly aimed at grand tourers from Aston Martin and Bentley as well as cars like the Mercedes-AMG SL and BMW 8 Series, the Genesis X Convertible previews a possible future Genesis flagship optimized for the Pacific Coast Highway. Low, long, dripping with style, and presumably quite fast.

Opening up the transparent folding hardtop exposes a 2+2 interior apparently inspired by Korean roof architecture and a very driver-focused cockpit. "2+2" would also be a succinct way to describe this car's design, particularly those lights. It's the most flamboyant interpretation of Genesis' double-horizontal corporate LED signature, with headlights that appear to cross into the wheel wells and extend to the doors.

Arguably even more striking than the lights, though, are the wheels. Looking like the world's most intense-looking bicycle wheels, no, we don't reasonably expect these exact rims to appear on any production cars. But looking at some of the wheels that have appeared on street-spec Genesis vehicles so far, a simplified version of this isn't out of the question at all. Genesis says the concave section of these wheels helps extract heat from the brakes.

Despite it being revealed at an event where attendees donned headphones and listened to the intense noises of internal combustion engines, the Genesis X Convertible concept is electric, and it's said to use the same powertrain that's in the fixed-roof Genesis X Concept.

Genesis hasn't said anything as to whether or not the X Concepts will ever materialize into production cars, but here's to hoping they do.

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