Enthusiast-Friendly Genesis G70 Wagon Could Be Coming in 2021: Report

Oh, please let it be a manual!

byJames Gilboy|
Enthusiast-Friendly Genesis G70 Wagon Could Be Coming in 2021: Report

If the astonishing fit-and-finish of the new Genesis GV80 is anything to go by—and it must be seen to be believed—station wagon fans should be advised to take a seat and breathe deeply. Why? Because Genesis's CEO just confirmed the company is experimenting with a G70 wagon concept.

"Yes, we have a study for that," commented Genesis CEO William Lee with regard to a G70 wagon, reports Car & Driver. This "study" will reportedly be based on a facelift coming to the premium sedan next year, which will bring the G70's design in line with the rest of Genesis's range. That'll mean mirroring the pentagonal "crest" grille, quad headlights, and quad taillights of the GV80 in the images below.

Given that the concept is reportedly not expected to debut any sooner than 2021, it's unlikely that any production car resulting therefrom will hit the market before the 2022 model year. And even if the G70 wagon makes production, it's equally unlikely that it'll be sold in the United States, because despite the body style gaining a larger share of the passenger car market in recent years, they still make up only a minuscule portion of new car sales in America.

As handsome as the Buick Regal TourX may have been, even it couldn't tempt Americans back into wagons, meaning the upstart Genesis doesn't stand a much better chance. Add the G70's segment-exclusive manual transmission, and you'd have a car that—although delightful—you couldn't even give away for free to most buyers.

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