Promised Gran Turismo 7 Update Arrives With Bonus Bug Fixes

More credits, more events, a bigger wallet, and better-looking smoke have come to GT7.

The last time we heard from the creators of Gran Turismo 7, they promised an early April game patch that would not only walk back a wildly unpopular, event payout-nerfing update but also increase payouts for late-stage campaign races and Circuit Experience events. They also said they’d add new events entirely, among other economy-balancing changes and fixes. Well, it’s early April and a new update for GT7 has indeed been released.

According to its extensive patch notes, Update 1.11 appears to deliver everything that was previously promised alongside a large handful of fixes that should make Sony’s racing game a more polished experience. Here’s what’s new with GT7:

  • Payout bumps for events in “the latter half of the World Circuit” as well as Lobby and Daily races in Sports mode.
  • Three new World Touring Car events taking place on the East Clockwise configuration of the Tokyo Expressway, Le Mans, and the game’s Sardegna fantasy track.
  • New hour-long endurance races in Missions playable when you hit Collector Level 23. Winning these will net 1.2 million credits each.
  • “Adjusted rewards” for Arcade and Custom races.
  • Rewards for clearing the full set of Circuit Experience trials for any given track with all bronze or all gold ratings. Players who have already completed any of these can retroactively claim the new payout by going into the event screen and then exiting.
  • The maximum number of in-game-earned credits you can have at any one time has been increased from 20 million to 100 million.
  • “Invitations” to purchase rare cars will now last 30 days instead of 14.
  • The size of the rotating selections in both the Used and Legendary car dealerships have now doubled. The former now hosts 30 cars at a time while the latter shows 10.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

In case you missed it, Gran Turismo 7 found itself in the middle of controversy late last month after it issued a post-release, post-review-period update that saw many event rewards drastically reduced—in addition to knocking the game offline and rendering it essentially inoperable for about 30 hours. Many players interpreted this as a not-so-sly way of pushing microtransactions in which gamers would trade real money for in-game credits and, naturally, people were mad. The game’s creators subsequently apologized and promised to make things right not just with the updates outlined above but also with a free million credits for all existing players.

In addition to the now-delivered changes, Polyphony Digital also promised that players will eventually be able to sell cars but it looks like that functionality will have to wait until a future update. True GT nerds will want to take a look at 1.11’s full patch notes which are quite extensive and detail not just the big progression updates but quite a few interesting technical fixes.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

There’s stuff like a corrected aftermarket roll cage for the 1990 Mazda RX-7 GT-X and a fixed rear wheel design on the S. Shigeno Version of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1600GT APEX. The driving physics have apparently been improved in regards to how a car lands from a jump, particularly on dirt tracks. Tire smoke is said to now look better when seen through windows and in Race Photos. And possibly my favorite one: “Corrected an issue where after-fire would not stop during certain operations after tuning the muffler of a Toyota Prius G ’09 and Toyota Aqua S ’11.” 

Priuses with exhausts that refuse to shut up after a tune? That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

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