Gran Turismo Sport Will Officially Drop on October 17

For real this time, so they say.

byChris Tsui|
<em>Gran Turismo Sport</em> Will Officially Drop on October 17

We will finally get our hands on the first Gran Turismo made for PlayStation 4 on October 17—a month earlier than that "leak" from the Official PlayStation Magazine UK had us believe. So much for "Official," you guys.

Yes, publisher Sony announced Thursday that Gran Turismo Sport will be out in North America October 17, make its appearance in Europe on the October 18, and drop in its home country of Japan on October 19, resulting in a simultaneous worldwide release... sort of? Anywho, this places GT Sport a mere two weeks behind Forza Motorsport 7's October 3 street date, which should make for some fierce racing game comparison fodder come October. 

PlayStation's new flagship racer will feature 4K-60fps-HDR graphics on PS4 Pro, much-improved audio, a list of over 150 meticulously recreated vehicles, 17 track locations, updated physics, Porsches, a long-requested livery editor, FIA sanctioned online races, and a new "Scapes" photography mode. 

A closed beta for the game—The Drive's first impressions of which you can read here—has been running since March and is scheduled to end this Sunday. Thankfully, fans won't have to wait too long before GT Sport fully releases. But still, get those laps in, folks. 

All that being said, October is still a ways away and plenty of time for developers Polyphony Digital to decide that yet another one of their famous delays is in order. I'd still mark my calendar, but maybe use a pencil for now.