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2025 Cadillac CT5 Gets a Sharp Facelift and the Lyriq’s Massive Touchscreen

The CT5 is finally getting a refresh, and the changes are considerable.

The Cadillac CT5 has been on sale since 2019, and four years is just about an eternity in the automotive industry. Despite slow sedan sales stateside, the American luxury automaker has decided it’s high time to refresh the car, giving it a new front fascia, a revised interior, as well as other solid changes for the 2025 model year. There’s no news on how these alterations will apply to the CT5-V Blackwing as of yet, but Cadillac says more is to come on that front.

The CT5’s front end is the most noticeable change. The grille has been enlarged, the headlights are new, and the Sport model gets its own unique aesthetic modifications as well. It’s a solid improvement. The rear end has gone mostly untouched, outside of some lighting changes inside the taillights themselves. Other aesthetic alterations include two new colors: Deep Space Metallic, a dark moody black/blue with plenty of metal flake; and Typhoon Metallic, which is a little more interesting. It sits somewhere between green and blue, and looks pretty eye-catching from the glimpse Cadillac provided.

The inside of a car is what you see most of as an owner, though. On that front, the CT5 has ditched the small infotainment display in the center console for something more similar to what the Lyriq and Escalade have. The new standard 33-inch curved display is one massive screen, wrapping the instrument cluster and infotainment functions into one. Below this screen, the instrument panel remains mostly unchanged. There are no new interior color options.

Other technology changes round out the interior package. Super Cruise is still available and enhanced lane-keep assist joins it as well. Previously, if Super Cruise was or became inactive while driving, you’d also lose access to all other significant driver aids besides radar cruise control. Now there’s a softer step down; the car will still center itself in its lane so long as the driver keeps their hands on the wheel.

Google’s suite of apps is likewise a welcome addition. Despite General Motors moving away from Android Auto, it seems more than happy to integrate much of the software company’s useful stuff, including Maps, the Play Store, and Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa is also built-in now, along with an optional 5G hotspot.

Under the hood, the CT5’s drivetrains remain unchanged. The base model receives a 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing 237 horsepower. The larger 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 also remains an option. It churns out 335 hp, as it did before. Both can be spec’d with all-wheel drive, as rear-wheel drive is standard.

More interesting changes will come when the CT5-V Blackwing gets updated, which is coming soon. No exact date was provided by Cadillac, however it seems likely that the car will receive this facelift. Mechanical changes are also possible, although that’s pure speculation. Production of the updated CT5 will begin in the spring of 2024, with cars arriving at dealers shortly thereafter.

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