Design: Classic Ford Broncos

They never go out of style.

byThe Drive Staff|
Ford News photo


Today in Design we take a look at the appropriately named Classic Ford Broncos. Consisting of a small group of talented individuals led by founder Bryan Rood, this Ohio-based shop takes Broncos from 1966 to 1977 and transforms them into beautifully rebuilt resto-mods. Combining the best of old and new, Bryan and his team are able to take a customer’s dream and end up with the ultimate summer cruiser. Although we were originally drawn to this company by the stunning good looks of each truck, Classic Ford Broncos really grabbed our attention when we saw 5.0 liter Coyote V8s under the hoods of these beasts. And by beasts, we mean 415 horsepower monsters, loaded to the gills with modern goodies like Bilstein shocks, new transmissions, flowmaster exhausts and Wilwood high-performance disk brakes. Freeing the trucks of the everyday hassles associated with maintaining an antique, each Classic Ford Bronco is built for extreme reliability so customers can enjoy every minute of their time in the Bronco. But, don’t expect to just saunter into Classic Ford Broncos and walk out with a truck. Each vehicle undergoes an intricate build process where the fabricators remain in close contact with the customer, ensuring the build goes smoothly and the perfect “feel” is achieved. When all is said and done, approximately 14 Broncos go out to happy customers each year. SO, if you have a nice chunk of change and a love for old Broncos, one of these masterpieces could be yours.

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