Porsche Injures 11 After Cars and Coffee Crash

Bystanders report that the driver was taking the corner a bit too hot.

byRob Stumpf|
Porsche News photo


Police have confirmed at least 11 people are injured after a Porsche Boxster Spyder jumped the curb and crashed into a crowd in Boise, Idaho. Local news station KTVB reports that the event took place while the vehicle was leaving a complex that hosted two events that morning; Cars and Coffee and Rock'N Brews & BBQ.

The Porsche driver left the car show while "accelerating rapidly" and seemingly lost control of the vehicle, causing it to jump the sidewalk and strike the bystanders. This can be confirmed in a video sent to the local news where the car succumbs to oversteer and the driver fails to correct the action. In the video, people can be heard screaming after the vehicle makes impact, and others rush to the aide of one of individuals who was struck by the vehicle, informing them not to move.

Facebook comments of bystanders who were at the event state that the driver hit full throttle in a turn immediately outside of the video, and one even suggests that the driver dumped the clutch of the car, presumably to drift the corner. A Reddit user pointed out the intersection where the crash occurred, making it seem as if the driver either tried to slide his car through the turn, or power out of it before losing control.

Intersection of West Overland Rd & Entertainment Ave in Boise, via Google Maps

Police believe the act wasn't intentional, but individuals who attended the event seem to suggest that it was the lack of respect the driver showed earlier. Among those injured was at least one child, eyewitness reports state, though police have told local news that no injuries were critical.

Though the crowd crashing jokes come in many flavors, they generally centralize themselves with a Mustang being the culprit. This particular event should serve as a reminder that any car with an irresponsible driver behind the wheel can hurt innocent bystanders.

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