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Man Sets Car on Fire After Attempting to Flee Car Accident

After repeatedly striking cars and nearly revving his car to death, the man's car was found set ablaze.

It was just another morning commute in Los Angeles for a YouTuber who happened to witness a ridiculous series of events following a hit and run. After repeatedly striking the same few cars over and over, one of the drivers involved in the incident attempted to flee—the entire scene feels like something straight out of Grand Theft Auto.

Around 7:45 a.m., Gus Juanillo was on his way to work and stopped to get a donut for breakfast. On his way there, he stumbled upon a mid-90s Nissan Maxima that happened to rear-end a Chevy Impala. Common fender-bender, no doubt—except it seemed like the driver who caused the accident was having some trouble backing up. He sat against the rear bumper of the car he hit, spinning his tires in the puddle of fluids that lay in the road. Although we taught you a good way to roast your tires, you might be better off taking lessons from a pro like this guy.

Onlookers stared in awe and film his antics, as he was persistent on fleeing. After eventually finding reverse, the driver slammed into another car behind him at full throttle. He found a forward gear and begins to redline his car in neutral for a solid 45 seconds. At this point, one has to question if this was really a manual transmission car, or if an automatic simply wouldn’t go into gear because he damaged the shift cable linkage in some way. Maybe that’s what the driver was pondering as he spends the next minute turning his steering wheel from side to side.

Another round of redline and almost stalling, as he threw it in reverse. The onlookers screamed and nearby cars fled, but eventually the driver took off and blew through the intersection after pushing the Impala out of his way. After the video ends and police show up. After leaving the scene of the accident, local news station ABC7 picks up the details since nobody else encountered him until the police arrived. The driver continued to flee and hit another five parked cars further up the road. Eventually, the car was found engulfed in flames and unable to be driven—likely what stopped his path of destruction.

No word on if drugs or alcohol were involved in this series of accidents, however, it was reported that the man was hospitalized and later booked into jail for multiple felonies. No other injuries were reported.