Watch A Man Narrowly Escape Certain Death by Bus

Pro tip: don’t stand on a snow-covered Russian highway if you want to live.

byMax Goldberg|
Watch A Man Narrowly Escape Certain Death by Bus


When driving in the snow, you generally want to reduce your speed to below the posted limit. You also want to find the lane that appears to be clear of snow or other debris. The driver in this quick video, from Russia, heeded none of these practices. You can guess the result.

To no one’s surprise, the car loses control and eventually slams into the guardrail. Rather than doing the smart thing and getting out of harm’s way, the driver exits his vehicle and casually inspects the damage. Within seconds a bus comes barreling towards the disabled vehicle and smashes into it. The car flies forward, and the driver escapes certain death by the thinnest of margins. The driver isn't fully to blame for the second accident, since the bus should have given ample room and slowed down before approaching the disabled sedan. But that's not to say he's blameless—inspecting the damage to your vehicle in the middle of a highway in dangerous conditions is grade-A stupid.

This video serves as a simple, 30-second tutorial on what not to do while driving in the snow, and what not to do if you happen to get into an accident while driving in the snow. If you choose to venture out during bad weather, drive slowly, avoid changing lanes, and immediately seek a safe area if your car should become disabled.