Florida Couple Hauling Propane Grill in Their Kia Light Cigarette, Blow Up Car

Tip of the summer: Turn off the grill before loading it into your car.

Don’t let Hank Hill hear this story. A husband and wife in Florida were injured on Sunday when they left a gas grill on before loading it into their Kia Sorrento, which later exploded after the woman lit a cigarette and sparked the fumes, according to the Orlando Police Department. That is not good propane safety.

WESH reports that police say the couple were leaving a barbecue at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando when the incident occurred. They neglected to turn off both the burners and the gas valve at the tank when they loaded it into the back of the Sorrento—why is a question that goes unanswered—leaving the grill burning and quickly filling the car with propane.

As they neared the exit, the woman lit a cigarette, sparking an explosion that blew out the side of the Kia and caused the driver to crash into a pole. Orlando Police said in a tweet that the couple received non-life-threatening burns and were taken to a local hospital. Looking at the damage, it’s safe to say they’re lucky to be alive.

There’s still a few weeks of summer left, so we at The Drive just want everyone out there to remember to, you know, turn the grill off before you throw it in the old family hauler.