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Watch a Freight Train Slam Into a Tractor-Trailer Filled With Candy

Someone call Mister Wonka and tell him there's been an incident.

Talk about a sticky situation. A freight train slammed into a tractor-trailer truck that was stuck on the tracks in Locust Grove, Georgia, on Thursday morning, shattering the big rig and sending thousands of bags of candy flying into the air.

Luckily, because this is 2017 and every human being on Earth seems to have a camera phone on them at all times, a bystander named Kelli Nichols captured the moment of impact on video from the safety of a nearby car, according to 11Alive news

According to Atlanta-area news station WSB-TV, Locust Grove police said no one was injured in the incident, which occurred at the intersection of Highway 42 and Bowden Street. WSB-TV reporter Richard Elliott posted on his personal Twitter that a witness said the truck’s driver and a police officer closely avoided being hurt in the crash, however. 

Elliot also posted that police said the truck driver ignored a “Low Ground Clearance” sign by the railroad tracks, then proceeded to get trapped in the path of the freight train. As the crossing was not legally allowed to handle trucks, police will be issuing the driver a citation, 11Alive reports.

By around 1:20pm, the train was moving again, according to Elliot, as workers set about cleaning up the sucrotic massacre.

The candy, thankfully, was nothing more than a generic brand of soft mints.