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Weird Coachbuilt Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Like an Italian Mitsuoka With 562 HP

If you think the front of ErreErre Fuoriserie's Giulia looks odd, just wait until you see the back.
Erre Erre Fuoriserie Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio tribute to the Giulia TI Super
Erre Erre Fuoriserie

The last complaints most people have about the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio are about how it looks and drives. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, they say. But that must not translate well into Italian, because a company in Italy has decided it knows better than Alfa Romeo on both counts, and re-bodied a Giulia Q4 to look like… this.

Built by Turin-based coachbuilder ErreErre Fuoriserie, this Alfa’s body is modeled after the 1963 Giulia TI Super, a rare homologation version of the original Giulia. From some angles, the resemblance is uncanny: the front view is almost a dead ringer for the original. From the rear, you might call it more a reinterpretation. Because of its four-eyed fascia and midcentury inspiration, it bears a loose resemblance to the Mitsuoka Orochi, a re-bodied Honda NSX that’s sometimes considered the ugliest car of all time. Without a doubt, this Alfa’s body will be at least as polarizing.

Your appraisal of this altered Alfa might be allayed by hearing what else has been done under its skin—which is mostly carbon fiber, according to PistonHeads. Fitted with a Capristo exhaust and retuned, the Q4’s 2.9-liter V6 now makes 562 horsepower according to Motor1 Italy, up from 503 hp stock. The suspension is has been upgraded to adjustable Bilstein coilovers, and best of all, this example reportedly has the six-speed manual.

If this Alfa is your cup of tea (or rather, shot of espresso), then you can get in line for the one of 33 or so that will reportedly be built. You’ll pay through the nose though, because they reportedly cost the equivalent of $425,000 (including donor car) and take six months to build. And odds are, kids will lean out of the school bus windows and call it a “Gi-ew-lia!” It’s not the life for everyone, if anyone at all.

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